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Using twiter to get yourself to the top of Google

A short post as I’m just about to go to bed but for some reason I did a search for my name this evening on google and was shocked to see my twitter profile as the fourth result.

Considering that I have a celebrity facialist (Sarah Chapman) and the alleged of mother of P Diddy’s love child (Sara Chapman of ATL) to content with, I don’t think that’s bad going. Out of interest I checked out searches for some of my colleagues and their twitter profiles also came out in the top 5 results.

There must be some reason for this that the SEO experts of this world know – is it that Twitter acts like a directory and all the @replies are links to your profile page, meaning that Google sees you as suddenly more important because people are @replying you? Or is it something else?

Answers on a comment please… Would love to know more.