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Twitnovels. Thank god for the character limit

Dozens of new apps and concepts have been spawned by the success of twitter but none so odd as the launch of the ‘twitnovel’; a story made up entirely of tweets, posted the minute they enter the head of their ‘inspired’ author.

It is an interesting concept; a mode of storytelling that represents the increasingly fragmented way which we consume media. Life is speeding up, our attention span is getting lower and lower, and experts now say we spend upto 23 hours connected to the internet. So surely the twitnovelists are the bards of our time, using the mediums we love, to reach us.

I have this debate with my boyfriend all the time. He doesn’t read and I find it impossible that his continuous browsing of the internet could substitute the quality of a book. How could curling up with a cup of tea and a book be the same as endless random browsing of the internet? How can google be compared to an author?

But still when I saw twitnovels I was intrigued. Sadly it doesn’t appear to be worth it. The writing is awful, stoylines cheap and predictable and any of the possibilities genereated by the stream of conscious format has been ignored.

A small selection for you:

namenick opens his novel: “Bob, a librarian from Earl, was a social geek. The day he committed a suicide he had 839 217 friends. Nobody came to his funeral.”

An extract from the twitnovel of WayneBledsoe: Hell, he’d been selling weed, too! If he’d sold a bag of weed to a police officer, which he could’ve done, since he was so stoned most of..When he got to prison he realized that his three-year sentence was far less than his fellow campers who were in the pen for selling weed…his mother-in-law had testified against him and surely swayed some on the jury to sympathize with why Slug might want to kill this woman.

I’m sure there might be one or two great twit writers out there but I have not found them. Funnily though a search for ‘twit novel’ brings up a lot of results for the twits and twats. You couldn’t make better associations if you tried…