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Evian babies: Digital can do emotion

In campaign’s Digital essays some bright spark asked “When was the last time a piece of digital creative brought a lump to your throat?” I immediately began to mentally flick through all the websites I could think of to find an example.

I drew a blank.

And then the Evian viral appeared in my inbox. It’s upbeat, it’s cute, you know who it’s for; it’s proof that digital content can be emotional and effective.

But whenever you try to sell in this work to clients they are always a bit retisent. “What does it do?” might be the overwhelming thought of a client who is not immediately presented an ROI figure based on click through calculations. But why is it that we are tied to this measurability? Why is it that digital marketeers fee that they must always justify the reason for creating their work when tv campaigns can be commissioned purely on their ideological merit?

Perhaps the way to create an engaging campaign is to focus on making exciting, rich media and branded content and then look at how best to get this online – rather than focusing on creaing a space on the internet that a brand will own, (which is what a website is in a way – a tiny part of the net you own and control) we should be creating great content and finding all the places it will fit into online. By placing your brand alongside other similar brands you give it a context which may actually benefit it in the same way that a painting benefits from being placed in an art exhibtion.

In a way we have ourselves to blame for the fact digital campaigns are restricted to these logic, ROI based terms – we taught clients to think click throughs, to appreciate how measurable new technology made everything. However, the increasing importance of social media means we are moving away from this results driven idea of online into a concept far more about engagement and interaction with consumers. The question is, how do we now show that the boundaries of what we can do are changing, that a successful campaign may not make you ‘book online’ but it may just result in a smile or a memory of the brand, and that this can be just as effective as any campaign based on click throughs.